Farmville Senior Council is a longstanding and an ongoing nonprofit community organization of volunteers that exists to serve local residents who are at least 60 years of age. 
We have been advocating for the elderly residents of Farmville, North Carolina since 1979. Members of Farmville Senior Council pay annual dues, and are participating, voting members.
We are a registered nonprofit corporation in the State of North Carolina, and are approved by the Internal Revenue Service as an exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We are members of the Farmville, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce.


We are here to provide a focal point for the development, coordination, and organization of volunteer and other related activities for the elderly residents of Farmville, North Carolina.


We coordinate new and help to expand existing services to benefit the elderly residents of Farmville. We assume an advocate role in taking action and seeking funds to implement projects to alleviate the needs and wants of our local aging population. We help to provide for the social, economic and cultural needs of the elderly of Farmville. We promote public awareness of the problems concerning the elderly, and advise our elderly neighbors of present programs and activities available.


Information: We provide information to local seniors about events and activities that help with local social, economic, and cultural needs.

Transportation: We provide transportation services for our members to and from their homes to events and activities for seniors in and near Farmville. We host monthly local trips for our members.

Support: We operate a Senior Food Distribution ministry. We support activities of Farmville Parks and Recreation and the Pitt County Council on Aging for senior residents at Farmville Community Center. We support involvement in local morale-building events such as arts and crafts shows, festivals and fairs, parades, and library programs. Our members support and participate in many local activities including Rooted in Community: Farmville’s Community Garden, Farmville’s Community Outreach Soup Kitchen, Pitt County Farm and Food Council/Task Force, and Threads of Love. 


We meet to develop a network of committed senior residents and local organizations that want to work together to collaboratively improve Farmville's senior services system. Farmville Senior Council meets monthly. Meetings are generally held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 1 p.m.. We invite all residents who are at least 60 years of age to attend and participate in our next general meeting.  All are encouraged to bring and share thoughts on how the wants and needs of our Senior Citizens can be served and also how we can give to our community and each other. 

Farmville Community Center